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Featured Links, Activities and Events

Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

GRIDD tackles devastating diseases using the unique Compounds Australia and Nature Bank resources, and an extensive global network of partners

That's RAD Science!

A project aiming to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers alive for children through simple and engaging real-life stories

Australian Society for Parasitology

The Australian Society for Parasitology brings together those interested in parasites and parasitic diseases of humans and animals. The Society is active in all aspects of science of parasitology including education and lobbying

Activities: Learn About Malaria

Some fun malaria inspired activities

World Malaria Day Mosquito Challenge

Help us raise awareness and end malaria by entering our mosquito competition

Quiz: Test Your Malaria Knowledge

A quick 25 question quiz to test your malaria knowledge

Give it a go and show us how much you know!

Dr Tina Skinner-Adams
Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery
Griffith University, Nathan, QLD, Australia
Phone 61 7 37354417 Email